Presentation facilities:

Lectern, Projecta type ‘Meeting’
Plexi design lectern
Lectern with frontal 46” flatscreen
Lectern with frontal 46” flatscreen and integrated comfort-screen
USB clicker for small meetings
D’-San Perfect Cue/ Micro Cue wireless Q-light/ USB PC control
Computer with PresenterCue speaker timer-software


Unicol Stand for portable projectors
Heavy-duty projector stand with black draping
Inox Design floorstand for 40”/46”/50”/60”/65” flatscreen
Inox Design floorstand for 75” flatscreen
Truss mounting bracket for flatscreens
Video audio distributor/switcher
VGA distributor/switcher
DVI distributor/switcher
HD SDI distributor
HDMI distributor 4K 1 -> 4
Signal convertor HDMI -> SDI 4K
Signal convertor SDI -> HDMI 4K
SDI convertor -> composite/component/RGB/S-video
Extron MTP DTP DVI transmitter (max. 100m)
Extron MTP UTP VGA transmitter (max. 100m)
DVI-D Fiber Optic Cable 50m
DVI-D Fiber Optic Cable 75m
DVI-D Fiber Optic Cable 100m