Barco PDS-902 3G
High quality, seamless switcher with preview

Barco ImagePro-HD
high resolution all-in-one signal processor

Barco PresentationPRO-II HD
High resolution 8 input signal processor

Barco DCS 200 HD
High resolution 8 input seamless switcher

Barco ScreenPRO-II HD
High resolution seamless switcher with 2 ME video-effects

Barco Folsom Encore Presentation System Controller SC
Event Controller for max. 6 processors

Barco Encore 3ME Presentation System Video Processor 3G

Barco EC-50 compact event controller for S3 and E2
For S3 and E2 event master processors

Barco S3-4K compact event master processor
Up to 12 inputs and 10 outputs

Barco E2 4K full-sized event master processor
Up to 28 inputs and 14 outputs